Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day

By the end of the day today I will be sleeping in the van......just in time for a hurricane.

At least the weather will be cooler,
from this

to this

It will take a few days to get everything arranged in a logical manner, I am confident that daily use will solve the what gets stored and where problem.

What remains in the apt can easily fit in the van. A trip to goodwill is also on the to-do list but maybe tomorrow. I need to clean a few things in the apt and have the maintenance guy inspect it.

Garage needs to be cleaned up too. A few oddball things are left in there, also have to hookup the garage door opener.

I wish I had everthing out of the apt on sunday, I could have enjoyed the zen of empty space.

The fridge is off and defrosting. How nice it is not to have to listen to the compressor running during the evening.  I ate most of what remained, the rest is getting trashed. Still need to clean it.
I have not started up the fridge in the van, no need for it right now and hopefully I can get by without it for a while due to the excessive amount of heat it produces. I need to come up with a way to vent the fridge heat out of the van, maybe a hinged utility hookup or something. Also need to put a fan in the sunroof vent to draw heat out of the pop-top.

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