Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston we have a problem

I needed to pressure test the water tanks before I lose my garage and that is what I did last night. The main tank is holding water just fine, the large grey tank had a small leak at the drain and clean-out plug but further tightening stopped those.

The grey water tanks both have a couple of pin hole leaks. I need to drop them and reseal, one leak is right where the support strap rests against the tank. Also have some weeping at the fittings.

The sink drain catch piece leaks and I had to remove it to finish testing.

The city water pressure fitting has a crack which sprayed water down into the kitchen panel. No worries as the entire floor is covered with reflectix and most of it will drain out through the kitchen exterior panel. I need to see if the crack can be filled or get a new hookup.

I also could not find the key to my tank filler cap, must be hiding somewhere where I wouldn't forget as I know I have it.

To Do: reseal tanks, hook up the tank vents to each other and route the hose to a higher location. Glue the sink drain parts.

Not all bad news though, now that all the tanks are full I can get the tires put on and aligned today.


  1. bummer about your leaking problems - glad you found them when you did! :o)

  2. I talked with a guy last night that lived ina VW van for quite a long time. He didn't have running water for a decade and only put in electricity five years after that, so you already are running in luxury.

  3. I forgot to add that I couldn't get the water pump to operate. I made sure it was working before I filled the tank but couldn't do it once filled with water.

    I'm not too worried about repairing the grey tanks. They are easy to get in and out plus I have a very good drain system.

    No running water or power eh? I'm not yet ready for that level of basic.

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  5. Looks like we both ran into water issues. Mine were a little more basic though.