Monday, August 8, 2011

8/6 weekend goals update

I did not meet my painting or grey water tank goals for this past weekend. A combination of being social and the insane heat prevented me from achieving them.
I did get the table post mod done, installed the aux battery with proper clamps (verified that the charging system is indeed charging the aux battery), ran a power wire to do the switchable power supply for radio, opened up a ups mailbox and Mike tinted the sliding windows and both door windows leaving the vent windows for wednesday. Tint is amazing, big difference in interior temperature and privacy and the van looks totally different.

Grey water tanks update:
The two tanks are folded and soldered but need to have the drain and vent holes drilled. The rear tank needs to have the top modified so the fresh water tank drain tube can pass through it. Both need to be painted and sealed. I need to bolt the mounting straps to the body and run the piping for vents and drains.

Paint update:
While sanding down the slider and side panel I noticed some small dents that needed to be filled so I have to repaint these panels. Kitchen side body work is getting close to being finished, one more layer of glazing and I should be able to shoot it with primer.

new skylight vent and parts should arrive this week, should be an easy install.

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