Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29 Project Update

The storage unit is looking quite full. There is no way all this stuff could fit into the van.
I've posted some stuff on craigslist and will be adding more later this week. 

What is left in the apt is:
Air mattress with pillows
Alarm clock - to be replaced by European phone so I can shut off my regular phone for uninterrupted sleep
work clothes to be ironed and ironing board with iron
some casual shirts, shorts and my shoes (10 pairs)
Ikea chair and end table with laptop and camera and router with power strip
Bose stereo and couple of cds
Dinning room folding table
Couple of books to put in van
bare minimum of kitchen utensils and the pot/pan set I kept
bathroom, kitchen, human cleaning supplies
Hurricane Emergency water supply (14gallons)

Apparently I have a food hording issue. Ill try and snap a photo when I get back from work but it is sad. I am trying to eat what is left out of the freezer and fridge.
The plan for the food is to cut it up into individual portions for the van and stick the rest in storage. Once I eat through all that is in storage I will utilize the bulk bins at the store and restock for a 1-2 week supply only.

I will try to get a photo of the storage unit, it is ridicules,  I have attached shelf hooks and some wood bits to recreate my closet. I plan on having the ironing board underneath it all but the ultimate goal is to switch over to clothes that do not require ironing.

Van progress was very limited:
Cleaned all windows with lacquer and steel wool to remove any paint overspray
Cleaned floor rubber mats
Installed sunroof flap and added a reflectix layer to block the heat
Bled the coolant system (new thermal switch is working perfectly, fans are operating correctly including the after run cooldown relay system)

I want to put the new vinyl letters on the roof tonight.

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