Friday, August 26, 2011

8/26 weekend goals

The last weekend goals post while I still have an apartment. Where does the time go? oh wait I know, working on the van is where it goes.

Everything is set up to end at midnight on the 31st. No more power, water or internet. My mail is setup to forward, I received my new drivers license with my new mailbox address on it. All the websites I use that mail me stuff I have updated. Insurance,

The apartment is looking open and free, my storage unit is filling up. I can not wait to spend a day or two in this apt with just the bare necessities in it. Would be zen like if I didn't have to move the bed this weekend and swap for an air mattress.

I sold two of my pachinko machines today, At first I only sold one because I wouldn't take a lower offer on the second one but while driving out of the lot I realized that the difference in prices was trivial compared to the reduction of stuff that it represented and the freedom that I would be regaining. I am glad that I sold the second one, both are going to a cool game room.

Stuff done this week:
Replaced the thermoswitch and resoldered the fan resistor (used the brazing torch this time and seems to be working properly but new on still on list of things to order)
New thermal curtains are awesome (I had one up at the storage unit for an hr and despite the tint, one side was hot while the other was still cool, I am impressed)
Parking brake cover installed
New flex are is installed and operating the roof properly (I am not impressed by this crappy thing)

Weekend goals are:
Get my shit into the storage unit and setup the wardrobe. Lots of cleaning to do with the apt.
Begin packing food into van.
Test grey water tanks for leaks, if there are any I wont have the time to fix unless it is at the hose fittings. 
Still need to readjust throttle cable and install new cam screw for fuel cutoff switch.
Bleed air out of coolant system
Patch canvas
clean rubber mats
wire up aux power to dash socket
Add second layer of reflectix to engine area under bed, this stuff is good but I want more and still have half of a roll to use up.
Sunroof screen and flap needs to be installed

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