Monday, August 22, 2011

8/22 Project Update

Yet another project update post.

The canvas top was installed. What a crappy job, my hands are numb from having to tighten so many screws. The canvas kit was a cheap kit and so the install is not as drum tight as I was expecting. The rails that hold the canvas to the roof are poorly designed as well. I parked the van in a parking lot around 8pm and worked till about 2am. One of the rails tore a hole in a corner so I need to patch it but at least it is up and keeps bugs out.

The grey water tanks are still not finished. I had to pull both tanks and JB weld the breather ports onto the tanks to prevent installation leaks. I will install the last tank this evening after work.

The water pump was working properly, the battery was totally dead and so I purchased a new starter battery and put the old starter battery into the house slot.

Pop Top seals are glued in place.

New flex arm is in the mail. I do not have the time to repair the one I have, maybe later.

Once I mount the new flex arm I can install the sunroof screen and shade flap

Both beds are installed

Heat distribution box was installed on Friday

New starter battery so the aux battery got the old one.

Radio is now switchable to operate off of either battery, still requires key in ignition to operate. Also hard wired the aux input cord and sorted out a ground loop problem.

Found water tank key, it was attached to the rest of the spare keys that got buried under paperwork on my desk.

Decorative wiper caps installed

Things still to do:
Finish the grey water tanks and route vent to high point, cap aux fresh water tank input pipe.
Re-test water system for leaks
Install new flex arm and screen
Patch tear in canvas
Clean bumper and rubber mats of over-spray
Wire dash aux socket to aux battery power
Install new thermoswitch  for radiator fan unit

Other stuff:
The ballast resistor for the radiator fan burned off its insulation and low speed circuit wiring. I patched up the low speed circuit and added some high temp silicon sealant but the fix will be to get a new resistor (not cheap @$70).

I added insulation and repaired the cover for the throttle linkage under the van. This is one of the sources of heat that blasts my right foot while driving.

Cleaned the two ground points behind dash and the driver door switch.

Plan for week:
Get a storage unit and start moving non-essentials (but stuff I still need/want) into it.

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