Friday, August 19, 2011

8/19 Weekend Goals

Every day feels like the final scene from Fight Club with Tyler counting down my days left.

Second to last weekend goals post while I still have a garage and apt.

What has been done so far this week:
Installed bench seat (need to adjust latch mechanism due to binding issue)
Installed rear bed
Installed all curtains
Installed Passenger Seat (greased both driver and passenger seat tracks)
Installed Carpet on wheel arches, floor and center section
New tires installed
Currently at Dealership getting a suspension alignment
Glued the sink drain together and reinstalled (need to test for leaks again)
Installed spare city water hookup but need to test(came in box of spare parts - I will still repair the old one with JB weld)

Weekend Goals:
Canvas Top is priority number one, this will take approx 4-6hrs to install and is absolutely necessary.
Seal grey water tanks and route vent system to high point under van (retest for leaks)
Get water pump working
Attach pop-top seals
Fix Flex-arm sliders
Install sunroof screen and shade flap
Install top beds
Clean bumper caps of paint over-spray
Clean Step rubber mats
Install heat circulation box cover
Measure battery box dimensions to determine if deep cycle battery can fit
Get new battery for aux or replace starter battery and use old starter battery as new aux battery
Finish switch power supply for radio

Minor projects:
Find water tank key
Install window screens on sliders
Rewire Kitchen light to Aux battery
Install shut off valves for heater units
Install mmanual switch for radiator fan
Repair Windshield chips
Install wiper decorative caps (maybe repaint wiper arms)
Fans to help vent/circulate fridge heat/cold and a Fan to keep me cool
Measure interior light bulbs for LED replacements

Other goals:
Get Lexus and household items onto craigslist
Find out if bed will fit into back of van

I think it might be easier if I take everything I have in the apt and put it into the living room. Then put the daily use items back into the rooms (obviously the clothes and kitchen have the most "idle" stuff), what remains needs to be sold, sorted or stored. The store pile will determine the size of the storage unit i need, if I can sell off the bed, bed frame, headboard and chairs before I move I will be in good shape.

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