Monday, August 15, 2011

8/15 Project Update

The past weekend was a very productive weekend.
The grey water tanks have been installed and plumbing tied into sink drain. I added a second sealant layer and also painted the exterior to match the propane tank.

The body paint is as good as it is going to get for now. I could wet sand it and then buff and polish to make it look better but why?

The sunroof is partially installed. The hardware kit I purchased did not have instructions or a diagram so I had to waste time figuring out how it worked. The used hinges were a bit bent requiring brute force straightening. The used flex arm (which is the worst design I have ever seen for a window opener) needs new rollers and I am not sure about the condition of the teeth at the closed position so I may purchase a new one.

The engine vents were reinstalled.

Water tank, plumbing and cabinet was installed on saturday.

Kitchen cabinet was cleaned and installed on saturday, Fridge was installed and operating on sunday. I have to do a start-up video, it is too goofy.

I modified the kitchen sink drain to go behind the kitchen panel and out of the shelf space. I will post a photo of this soon.

Bench seat box was cleaned and installed on sunday. I had to modify the ecu housing to fit correctly, the housing and ecu is a used replacement and it never fit properly.

Lower radiator grill was installed after testing both high and low speed fan operation. I may wire in a switch to allow me to manually control the fans at low speeds or traffic.

The driver mirror was re-installed on sunday.

I had a tough time putting the window seals back on but it was necessary to take them off to do the tint and is worth the effort.

When installing the water cabinet I modified the mounting point of the panel that separates the wiring for the tank and outlets from the dry storage. Originally this is a trapezoidal shape but it can be made into a square for increased storage.

I need to fill up the water tank and grey water tanks to verify that neither leak now that they are installed. I didn't see any leaks when out of the van.

List of stuff to-do:
Install floor and carpet
Re-install Passenger seat after cleaning and greasing sliding track.
Install Pop-Top canvas
Fix sunroof flexarm and install screen flap
Glue pop-top rubber seal onto pop-top
Get windshield chips fixed
Install windshield wiper decorative caps
Install rear seats and rear bed
Install pop-top bed
Install sliding window screens (I have on order a set of screens for the front windows which are necessary for ventilation)
Load up the van and do new tires and alignment
Get a new battery, life is too short to be dealing with a questionable battery
Finish wiring for switchable power supply to stereo and cig lighter outlet
Add radiator fan switch for manual control
Clean all bumper caps of paint and buffing compound
New outer door window seals, current ones look like the surface of the dark side of the moon.
I know I will need a fan, this heat is terrible
Rewire the kitchen light to run off of aux battery
Mount license plates
Need to get my tinted wing windows back and have the holes cut for the sliding window latches
Empty the kitchen drawer and restock with necessary items

Plan for the week:
Make a space in apt for stuff that needs to go to CO and consolidate stuff for sale pile.
Post Pachinko machines, car, and bed frame/headboard on craigslist and work bulletin
Get rid of more stuff!!


  1. Not the pachinko machine. Looks like you fit a lot done. So what is your schedule like when you get the van all up and running? How long are you going to stay in Texas?

  2. There is only one pachinko machine out of the 4 that I have that I really want to keep because it is in almost mint condition and the colors/material finish is unusual. Sadly they will only slow me down in my journey.
    My schedule is unknown. September will be a month of learning and sorting out the new way of living. After that I don't know.