Friday, August 12, 2011

8/12 weekend goals

Yes another weekend is approaching fast and I need to get a lot done. Progress this week; I painted the slider and rear side panel on wednesday night, hoping to get to paint the kitchen panel tonight or tomorrow night. The window tint on the wing windows is hopefully done and I can reinstall them tonight thus completing the tint project.

So Kitchen side painted and getting the utility hookups reinstalled is my primary goal.

Second will be installing the grey water tanks, I have been having a hard time getting both to be watertight. The glue I am using seems to shrink a bit when drying. I may have to switch to a different sealant or use a lot more glue. Also need to get a vent part, larger drain valve, tubing for vent system, and test for water tightness before installing. If the tanks hold properly then I can finally reinstall the interior.

Third is finish wiring the stereo to be switchable to the aux battery, same for the cigarette lighter outlet.

Fourth, seal up the small gap in the AC unit where the piping enters the circulation box.

Fifth, If the interior is in and done then I need to install the new roof vent and put the canvas on the pop top.

Other upcoming project and other to-do items:
mount and balance new tires
load up van and get alignment
Have windshield rock chips repaired
Sell Lexus
Rent storage unit and move non-essential items like golf clubs, camping equipment, winter clothing, mini stuff, etc.. basically anything I don't want to be driving around with.

Updated: added the email notification to the site and disabled the requirement that users be registered to be able to comment on posts.

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