Monday, August 1, 2011

7/29 weekend progress update

August is here and there are only 4 weekends till I move into the van. Wow that isn't much time.

I know I didn't post any weekend goals because the tinting was holding up my main progress of getting the interior back into the van. Tinting of the rear windows and hatch happened on sunday and I was able to reinstall the closet and AC cabinet and get the water cabinet pre-installed. The window tinting is awesome, I'll post a pic of it when done but it looks sweet and will help keep the temperature down. The best part of the tinting is that it is free, my neighbor does it professionally and he has boxes of products that cant be used at work so he does neighbors cars for fun.

Projects for this week are: fabricate two grey water tanks to go next to the propane tank, plumbing into sink drain tube, reinstall the rest of the cabinets/kitchen, finish body work and get into paint. Hopefully tinting will be done by next sunday.

I must get my stuff up for sale asap and get a ups mailbox plus switch over all mailing addresses. Get storage unit and start moving stuff.

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  1. Thanks allot Darren....My whole family is big into cars. I helped my dad many-a-long nights to get that beast where she is now. I guess you could say that it is now transfering over into the tractor relm.