Thursday, August 4, 2011

27 days - weekend goals

The countdown is on, 27 days left of living in an apartment, a fixed dwelling with all the modern conveniences that society has determined to be the standard of living.
I was visiting a neighbor earlier this week and there was this strange mechanical growling noise so I asked what it was, their response was priceless "It is the dishwasher (with a puzzled look)". In the two years that i have lived in my apartment I have used the dishwasher twice, once for like a minute to verify that it worked and then again recently to verify that it still does work before I move out. I never ran it for a full cycle.

Weekend goals:
Finish body work and paint, this must get done this weekend. I painted the slider side last night, the door came out a bit dry with a couple of small runs and the side ended up runny. I will be wet-sanding and buffing it out this weekend. I could do a better job with the sprayer if it had a fan pattern instead of a dot, also the air canister gets cold as it releases the air which alters the cure time of the paint and also the pressure fluctuates while spraying which creates uneven material deposits (read runs).
Kitchen side needs a lot of body work, need to get some filler and glazing putty.

Fabricate and install the two grey water tanks, I have drawn out the folding lines on the sheet metal and need to fold, cut, weld, seal and paint. Hoping that I can fold up tonight.

Tinting is delayed again, hopefully going to get some more done on Sunday, the kitchen slider window is now the next critical part of the project because the tint needs to go in before the cabinets are put back in (although I think my neighbor can install without any problems, it just makes it easier). I need to get the paint finished before I can install the cabinets because the utility outlets need to be put in place before the interior and they are bolted to the outside.

On order this week are parts for the replacement sunroof vent, the crappy aftermarket unit has got to go due to poor visual appeal and the fact that i keep bashing it into the garage door. Ordered a hatch extension kit which allows the hatch to stay propped open a few inches for ventilation but still stay locked and also ordered oil filters.

I have placed the auxiliary battery (came with the van but of questionable useability or life left) in it's spot but need to get new clamps, I have a kit to install it but the clamps are not the correct type. Also looking at solar panels to keep the aux battery topped up.

New to-do van mod: support pipe for rear table, apparently there is a mod to allow the rear table to be lifted up or reinstalled without having to open the lower cabinet to find the guide post and it also keeps the table from aimlessly wandering around and damaging your stuff when repositioning. It is simple, I will post pics if I can get to it this weekend.

While under the van installing the transmission cooling scoop I spotted another cavity where I could store more water or stuff, there is a circular cutout where the shifter would go if I had a manual trans but because I have an automatic this space is just open.

New mailbox will happen on Friday. I have filled out my UPS private mailbox application and will see them on Friday. These guys give you an actual street address which is what you need to be in compliance with the US domicile laws, a p.o. box will not work. So I guess I will try to spend some time this weekend changing my mailing address. I never thought I would have to pay for a mailbox, approx $150 per year, but having a permanent address is very important.

Long rambling post, lets recap and summarize weekend work: bodywork, paint, greywater tanks, interior

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