Friday, July 1, 2011

Tearing open the emotional heart

"The mind is an amazing thing; it has the ability to tie emotions to inanimate objects preventing us from letting go " ~Me

Last night I was working on “the purge” and came across the camera stuff box. This box contains all the boxes, packaging, brochures, receipts, and advertising that came with all my camera gear. Why was I saving this stuff? I sorted the useless plastic and paper but couldn’t get rid of the lens and flash box or receipts. Why was I unable to get rid of these boxes? It is just a piece of printed cardboard and I am not using it, my camera stuff lives in a pelican case (which is guaranteed to survive anything except for shark bites, bear attacks and damage caused by children under 5? What?? Apparently they are just as dangerous as sharks and bears??) Maybe it is because I have seen empty lens boxes for sale on ebay or maybe I like the idea of having the original boxes for my stuff. I don’t know. For now it sits with flash box and camera box and all the instruction manuals and CDs. At least it has been thinned down to one main box and two emotional empty boxes. The boxes will go into the maybe pile. 

Woodworking stuff was next, the box of books and magazines I purchased off craigslist will be returning to the market, while the collection contains a lot of useful information it is simply too bulky to keep.  I know I can sell the table saw and extra blade, no reason to keep this since it was cheap and can easily replaced with a better one. The home depot clamps were next, yes these can go despite being very useful for bending metal and repairing the door panels. I have a set of two Groz hand planes, a set of Groz squares, and Irwin marples chisels with wet sanding stones and misc stuff like glues/stains etc... All are very useful and nice, I worked over the planes to make them flat and sharp, same goes for the chisels which you could shave with. These are tough to let go of, I know I can make some cool stuff with them but if the idea is to be free then why keep them around? Maybe it is because they are expensive and useful for me but I have no plans to make anything out of wood for a while. This stuff is going into the maybe/storage pile. A new vacuum pump I got to do some plastic vacuum casting must go too.

Old Technology: ugh. Printer is gone, Matrix one and two are out and really only one kind of works but hard to get rid of because of their design and usefulness. A stack of old software, misc ac adapters and some random pci cardslot adapters are all going in the technology recycle bin.  I will use the old laptop bag to hold my external hard drives and accessories for my main laptop. A camera I found on the ground that kind of works is going away, same for the iphone 3g that a friend gave me after he went fishing with it in the bay. The stupid stereo I have in the garage will be the last to go since it kind of gives me some tunes while I am in there.  The vintage westclox dialite clock is going into the maybe pile, I really like the clock and it would go well anywhere but I don’t have a need for it. The never-fails-wood-grained GE Alarm clock can go. I will include the pachinko machines in the technology list. Two of them ill put in craigslist when I return from vacation but the other two I will try to get to friends, the sanyo is the nicest one I have come across so I would like to keep it and maybe I will swap it for a lesser one in storage in CO. 

Furniture: director chairs, three can go but the one lounge needs to back to CO. My awesome hand built table has to go, same with the end table and ikea chair.  I am glad that I don’t have any other furniture to deal with. The bed, base and headboard can go to my friend’s spare bedroom, although I had visions of sticking the bed into the back of the van but after looking at all my stuff it simply is too big and heavy to go in so I will need to get a topper pad to make the rear bed pad more comfortable. 

There is so much more stuff, the motor on the van will probably explode once I have it loaded up. I’ve got all my buffing equipment and automotive tools, the spare van parts, the bose stereo and accessories.  A pile of clothes, linens, towels, golf bag, laptop with accessories, camera case, kitchen supplies, food. 

Ugh, this is insane, ive got so much crap. I feel ill. How did I ever move down here in my lexus?


  1. Not only are babies pooping disease machines they radiate waves of destruction that nothing can withstand, we should let Caedyn play with your case to see how long it take for him to smash it into oblivion.

    Speaking about useless boxes... I have four of them sitting in my room that I was thinking the same thing about. Why do I have these still? It is absolutely silly.

    If you still have the chisels Tyler has been doing a lot of woodworking lately and was looking at buying a nice set.

  2. Ya I still have all my woodworking stuff. I have not decided on keeping or letting go of it yet because they are so nice and useful. If he is thinking about chisels he also needs the wet stones and sharpening guide to keep them sharp.

  3. Yep, he has a set right now but they just are not the best.