Friday, July 15, 2011

The one pot and pan plan

Thursday after work was spent on "The Purge". I found the box for the spice rack and have decided to eliminate the cooking set I have and stick with just one pot and one pan. The pot/pan I brought with me from CO and after thinking about what I eat/cook it became clear to me that the only reason I have a larger set of pots and pans is to cook larger amounts of food. I've never even used the saute pan. I will miss the glass pot tops though, it is so nice to see what is going on in the pot without disturbing the heating cycle.

This transition would be less stressful if the van was ready to go instead of a pile of parts. I ordered panel bonding glue and need to borrow a grinder to be able to replace the rusty/damaged panels. I wont have access to a compressor so I will have to finish them with rattle cans, maybe black paint, and wait till I get to CO to paint the final color. Once the panels are painted I can then reinstall everything and begin moving my stuff into the van. Tires are on order as well, once installed I need to have the suspension aligned.

I will be seeing an air conditioning shop on Saturday. My diagnostic on the system is that is just low because the radiator fan kicks on and the compressor clutch kicks in when you turn the system on which means that there is enough r12 still in there to keep the low pressure switch from keeping the system from turning on or the low pressure switch is broken and the system is empty. I've taken both front grills out as well as the cover for the evaporator so the techs can have full access to all fittings. I assume the day will start with a leak test with uv dye, if no leaks then Ill get to find out what R12 costs per oz. If it is crazy money then I will pursue the alternative refrigerant, redtek r12a. A lot of vanagon owners are using this with great results but all have done it themselves as shops wont put in the redtek stuff. If I do it then I need to get access to a compressor and the special manifold gauge setup for doing A/C work.

Normally I wouldn't bother with the A/C system because my plan is to be in cooler areas but I don't know how long I will be in Houston and right now it is hot.

A very interesting thought came to me while buying groceries today. My bill came out a bit higher then ususal, $45, normally it fluctuates between 30 and 45 so this didn't phase me, however, what did was the fact that my current monthly rent of 900 would cover 20 weeks worth of food and in the almost two year I have lived here I have spent the equivalent of 8.7 years of food

How may weeks of food would your monthly rent buy for you?


  1. I spend about the same ~$30-40/week on food. So a good ten months of food from my monthly rent! Holy bejesus, I should have started living in a tent years ago.

  2. It is an insane amount, the more comfortable you are with extreme living conditions the crazier the house/apt life seems.