Monday, July 18, 2011

New steel and I am Jesus

If you were a dog, what type/height of grass would you want to crap on?

The headlight project is complete, need to take a photo of the covers. This is the second set I made and they came out significantly better then the first set.

I gave up on trying to borrow a grinder and purchased one. Yes, I know that I just added one more item to get rid of but right now I needed it and my friends with grinders were too slow.
Sunday was spent in the garage grinding away at the bad panels. I was amazed at how thick the body filler was on some spots, stupid lazy "professionals". This is why I never want other people to do things for me. By mid day I had the kitchen side panel cut out and was test fitting the new panel. The fit is very good but I still had to do a bit of tweaking for it to sit properly. With that side looking good I switched to the slider door side rear arch. This side took a hard hit and it required a lot of grinding and hammering to get it into shape. The patch panel is trimmed and I need to do some more panel beating before I can fit the patch to the body. Next is the slider door, there are some spots that I need to hammer down but this side should go quickly as the patch panel fits over the damaged area easily. I think my panel glue arrived on saturday but I missed the fedex guy, if so I will try to get the kitchen panel bonded this week, then the slider side panels and then the kitchen side rear arch by the end of the weekend. If all that stuff happened by next sunday I would be in good shape for my move. The rest of the body work is paint stuff but at least I could reassemble the interior.

The trip to the a/c shop was regretful. Bunch of hacks, I wanted to do a leak test and all they did was use some soapy water on the fittings, ya this will work but I wanted the fancy uv test. I wanted a vacuum test to further my leak search but apparently "vacuum test" means to vent the remaining r12 to atmosphere, put a vacuum on the system, and then refill with r134a. Who trained these monkeys? Anyway, now I have r134a running through the system but, as expected, it works poorly. I never wanted the new refrigerant as it is being banned in europe. I wanted to either get r12 and keep everything the way it was or open the system up, clean out all parts and replace the drier and o-rings in preparation for redtek. Anyway, not all is bad, I discovered that the a/c unit has a drainage issue and I will need to drop the rear cabinet to sort it out as I can't have water dripping on my rear bed.

In other news: my neighbors think in Jesus. Some new people moved in below me and got to see me working on the headlight lenses on saturday, I showed them what I was doing and then went back to the garage. On sunday they met some of the group that I would hang out and bbq with, apparently there was a lot of talk about me and they came to the conclusion that if the world was ending, I was to be their leader. I guess being able to make fire and purify water has its advantages.


  1. "I guess being able to make fire and purify water has its advantages." Darren

    So very true my friend, it always suprises me how little people know about survival skills. I guess we just have a different set of survival skills. Rest of the worlds ultimate survival skill: Knowing where the nearest Starbucks is?

    I was talking to some co-workers and they were completely amazed that I was going to spend ~55 days in the wilderness while I find it completely normal.

  2. They don't even need to know where the nearest one is, their phone will tell them!!
    Who needs brain power when you have microprocessors and gps?