Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The art of letting go

"The art of letting go is to have a goal that is so important that you will do anything to achieve it." ~Me

Hello everyone, I am back from vacation and ready to work even harder on the van. Got to see lots of friends and family, It was fun and I didn't want to leave. It is really depressing coming back to my apt and job

Some observations from my time at home:
Getting rid of stuff is hard. Really hard!!

Paperwork is easy to part with, like brochures from my college and old bills, etc..

Technology is somewhat easy to sort through, I found a really old laptop that I want to keep due to its ancientness but the other 4 laptops were in various stages of useless to broken so they can all go. I couldn't help thinking that I may need the transformers for some future project but shear willpower overcame this and allowed all to go to the recycle pile. The same goes for the broken dvd player I had kinda fixed. I should get rid of the console tv and digital tuner but my parents seem to think that there is a need for it.

Why are books so hard to part with? All my school books are packed away in the shed, I know I wont be looking at them but I don't know what to do with them.
School supplies is another sticky category of stuff; What will I do with half filled binders, empty folders, piles of pens, pencils and reams of lined paper?

Here is a good example of the American dream, I own 4 cars and a motorcycle. Thats right, 5 gas powered vehicles but only 3 work. A 1997 classic mini cooper, 1986 VW Westfalia, 1992 Lexus sc400, 1969 Triumph GT6+, and a 1972 suzuki t250 hustler R motorcycle. The Triumph is in pieces as it was my project car before I left CO and the suzuki needs a lot of help to get back on the road (I don't have a motorcycle license or the title to the bike). I will sell the Lexus soon but the mini is like an appendage and I would need to be in dire straits before selling it off. I want to finish restoring the Triumph since it is a cool car but I guess I could sell it once done. Maybe I can get the Suzuki titled and running and bring it with the van as an escape pod vehicle.
Ya that sounds like a good idea, plus I can rationalize getting a motorcycle license. Wait a minute...silly mind is playing tricks with me again. I should get rid of the bike and use a bicycle, that will save me all the maintenance, registration, gear etc.. expenses and reduce the weight in my van.

Long post that just rambles, Ill try and put up something more useful later this week.

Note: I have tagged all previous posts, apparently that is what bloggers do to make their stuff easier to find, who am I to argue with that.


  1. Definitely go with the bike... since I am also purging I have to get rid of my plethora of bicycles. Would you like the novara? I'll send you some picts if you cant remember it.

    I have a 3ft stack of papers at my brother's house that I can't seem to get rid of but know I will never go through it ever again... such an oddity to be attached to my papers and books.

  2. Hey man, I am interested in the novara but I don't know what my time frame is for returning to D-town. If you can find a spot to store it then ok but don't spent a lot of time/energy. There is a spare bike at my parents place (although not as nice as the novara) that I could grab but I may pick up something temporary down here.

    Here is what Ive been doing with papers that I have strange attachments to, scan or photograph them and store online/flash drive/external back-up drive. Some stuff is worth this effort and others get pitched into the recycle bin.

  3. Yeah it will be at my brother's house so whenever you get back if it is still there your are welcome to it.