Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21 weekend goals

I like posting my goals for the weekend, not only does it keep me focused but it also reminds me of things that I may have forgotten by the time the weekend arrives.

Last night I glued the passenger rear quarter panel in place. It was a bit of a mess at first but now I know what to expect and will do a better job with the kitchen panel. I want to bond the kitchen panel tonight and since Friday is my day off I will try to get the slider fitted and glued by Friday night but I also want to open up the upper cabinet to get to the AC unit and sort out the leak so that will happen during the day and Friday night I will glue the slider panel. On Saturday, I get to do the driver side rear quarter panel and start priming the new steel panels. Sunday will be a day of sanding/priming the outside and applying quitecoat soundproofing on the inside. I have some white appliance paint that I will use for the interior of the panels but outside I may use black, without my compressor and sprayer there is no way that this repair will look perfect so I think it would be better to use black and have it obvious. I will take care of it when I get back to Denver unless I happen to meet someone with a garage, paint sprayer, and compressor down here.

Ive been thinking about my stuff and there are quite a lot of items that need to go back to Denver. Since I don't know when I will be heading back there and I don't want all this stuff in my van I am very tempted by the idea of renting a small storage unit if I can't store some items at a friend's place.


  1. Dont forget the bear picture either :)

  2. Just burn what you can't donate in a fiery effigy of your past life! : D

  3. Argh! I forgot to get my supplies out of the van this morning for the bear photo. I have to wait till this afternoon as I am waiting for more panel glue to dry.

    A fiery effigy would be cool but 98% of the state of TX is in extreme drought and I would be arrested for attempting to burn the state down.

  4. No one would miss Texas unless you were in it.

  5. If you are truly living under the US poverty level and are an actual minimalist (as you claim) you would not have to store "stuff". Personal belongings add to your net worth. Your assets are worth dollars, which could put you above the 11k threshold. Get rid of everything. I am curious as to what you think your van is worth?

  6. Good points, here is what I said in the first post on the site regarding the 11k threshold "I am setting a spending limit of 11k for living expenses i.e. food, car expenses, health insurance, etc.. " My actual income can exceed this but I want to control my expenses. I did include a note regarding business expenses (if I had a business these would not be included in the total due to the fact that a business would presumably produce income). Cars and households are exempted from asset calculations on taxes but everything else can be counted if you are making a case to receive benefits. I do not intend to receive these benefits, only to prove to myself that it is possible to live off of 11k. I also stated that my 11k experiment won't start till I am actually full-timing out of the van. If I had started this at the beginning of the year I would have failed already.

    Being a minimalist does not mean that one should be a monk, it is a mindset of "clearing away all but the most essential things"
    Yes, a monk is a minimalist but they still have a robe and bowl.

    "It’s about finding simplicity and finding what’s important to you"

    The process of finding simplicity is not easy, some days I have strong desires to keep all my stuff and some days I do feel like getting rid of everything. In time I may be able to let go of my mini if the experience of owning and driving is no longer fun. Driving the mini is fun but driving the lexus is not, one is highly interactive while the other is as exciting as sitting on a couch and so I can sell the lexus.

  7. "a monk is a minimalist but they still have a robe and bowl."

    Nice point, good sir. We all have our luxuries; I will be bringing fuel on my trip for the sole propose of making tea.