Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome Mats = Female Nearby

There is a direct correlation between welcome mat ownership and women. I’ve seen it with my own laser corrected eyes.  If you live in an apartment complex which has balconies or porches you can test this out. Look for the welcome mats and then have a look at the balcony or porch, Ill bet you will either see family items such as children’s toys or multiple chairs and a table with perhaps a wind chime, a plant or two, and other decorative items.  This is a clear indication of a family which will have a women either within or an often visitor.  A lack of children toys however does not directly correlate to single women, spying will be required to figure that out. 

The true bachelors are easy to spot. Go have a look for porches with one chair, Ill bet you a dollar they do not have a welcome mat.

If this world was starcraft, the welcome mat would be zerg creep. 

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