Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekend goals

This weekend should be an interesting one for van projects.
  • My goal is to install foam insulation over the reflectix on the side panels and install more reflectix on the front floor, possibly even some behind the grill. 
  • Next goal is to have both front door panels installed and maybe the rear hatch panel as well but I want to put in a hatch opening mechanism before I put that panel back on. The rest of the panels will have to wait for the bodywork to be completed. 
  • I need to finish polishing the poptop and the storage bin but high garage temperatures are slowing progress on this. The body needs a polish but it can wail till body work is done.
  • Fridge fan mod with switch needs to happen too. 
  • The storage bins below the front seats seems like a fun one to do too so maybe that will be a priority for this weekend as well. The bins require either sheet metal bending or wooden box construction, I have not decided yet. 
Water tanks; of all the things I have to do to the van this is by far the most challenging. The question is how much do you plan on using for drinking and how much to go to grey water. Supposedly we need 1 gallon of water per day for proper hydration. At my best I was able to do a nice shower with 2 gallons so my daily consumption is 3 gallons at one shower per day rate. The stock tank is 50L ~13 gallons. I ordered the 45L ~11.8 gallons tank because it fits in the space and will probably be less expensive in the end.  With this new capacity of 25 gallons now the problem becomes grey water storage. 8 days @ 3 gal per day is 24 gal but 16 is going to grey water. I already have a space above the engine for a 5 gal storage unit but space under the van is getting limited and I would need to hold an additional 9 gal. There may be space for another 5 gal under the rear seat but do I use the two smaller tanks with the main tank to have a fresh water capacity of 24 gal and use the new 12gal tank as the grey storage? Do I become a water ninja and reduce my showers to 1 gallon, stretch out shower intervals to every other day? By the way, 24 gallons of water is heavy, approx 200lbs. Exactly what I need to get my van to go faster up those hills, I doubt I will see highway speeds ever again with all this extra weight. Probably wont be able to have passengers either with the every other day shower plan. Another factor is the portable toilet, I dont have one yet but I guess I need to start wondering about it's capacity.

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