Monday, June 6, 2011

Van progress

This weekend was not as productive as I was hoping although I did do the inspection/title/registration stuff on Friday, a rather costly adventure I might add.
  • 3 coats of soundproofing to the doors and another layer on the floor. 
  • Ive started polishing the pop top fiberglass but each section must be cleaned with a toothbrush and simple green to get it spotless before polishing. 
  • I cut off the rattling exhaust hanger straps, they were not needed due to some exhaust shop welding the rear box to the brackets but I discovered that there are also internal rattles. 
  • Re-torqued the CV joint that I recently replaced the boot for.
  • Passenger seat track removal/clean/regrease. 
  • Stripped/Painted LPG tank
  • Replaced LPG regulator
  • Operated Stove and Fridge on gas (I took that photo in the van, playing with the presets in Lightroom gave me this cool image, comment if you like it)
A little story on the LPG tank or rather how I was almost killed. The tank is held to the body by 4 bolts. I removed the lines into the van, took off the mud guard, and loosened the bolts. When I removed the second bolt the whole tank slid out of its position and dropped to within inches of my head. The only thing stopping it from hitting me was the AC lines and some zip ties.  I should be dead or at the least have a severe concussion. If the tank had hit the floor instead of not hitting my head it would have landed on the filler/vent valve probably breaking it off and leaking out the tank in rapid order.

In other good news, record breaking heat this weekend while I was in the garage, over 100 degrees each day.
I need to get the aux battery setup and operating so that I can have a fan or something, no wait, better idea, how about I go to another state that isn't so hot during the summer.

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