Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Van = Awesome

For those of who do not know, I own a 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia. A van that sleeps 4 people, has a two burner stove and sink, with a fridge. Google search if you want more information. This particular van was purchased from a very nice lady in Colorado Springs who had owned it since 1993. Judging by its condition I would say that she was a decent owner, almost everything worked and it was in decent shape but vehicles from CO tend to be good due to the lack of relative humidity. Another aspect which I find to be both a drag and a benefit is that it has an automatic transmission which probably is the reason the original motor is still going strong, no hard running.

I drove the van back to Houston and even got some sleep in it but getting it to a livable condition will take some work. Plus I just have to take everything apart, clean it and reassemble just because that is who I am. Besides would you really want to be sleeping on a bed that you didn't clean? Plus there was a lot of little black dog hairs that were driving me crazy.

So here goes my list of things I can remember doing:
First off I have already had my first breakdown after going on a caravan trip with my van friend Wayne, the Fueling computer died, so Ive got a used 86 computer.

  • Removed and Cleaned Carpet
  • Cleaned bed covers
  • Cleaned All window curtains
  • Cleaned and repaired all door panels 
  • Removed interior to put on 3 coats of Quiet Coat soundproofing (this stuff is awesome)
  • Stove knob shaft was broken - I machined a new shaft since you cant buy these anywhere
  • Removed stove and sink to polish stainless steel
  • Replaced broken window slider
  • Cleaned and Repaired Dash Cluster - reconnected clock circuit
  • Replaced aftermarket stereo with awesome factory unit, rewired to power it properly and performed key in radio mod and added secondary aux input
  • Cleaned dash hoses and vents
  • Scrubbed down Fiberglass top - next step is to polish and wax it.
  • Replaced broken headlight adjusters - Adjusted headlights using line and wall method
  • Replaced broken high beam lens
  • Adjusted misaligned license plate cover
  • Replaced torn RH inner CV - while down there I noticed that the other 3 CVs need to be replaced
  • Adjusted throttle switch
  • Degrease engine which probably has never been done in 25 years due to engine location and access - with interior out it was easy to use a power washer several hours in the garage after to clean an dress up the rest of it.
  • Repair rust hole in coolant pipe - finally got to use my brazing kit
  • Repaired fuel tank fuel level sender
  • Repaired water hookup cover
  • Tightened up mirrors
  • cleaned all body and engine ground points
To Do:
clean front seats and rear bench seat
grease seat sliders and swivel base
Fridge coolant mods
Second battery
AC recharge
Rust repair/treat
Bodywork and paint
Poptop Canvas
Grey Water storage tank
Propane tank repaint
rear hatch pull string
replace skylight vent with factory unit
Insulation and thermal window curtains
exhaust hanger rattles
brake fluid flush
headlight relay mod and switch light mod
Extra gauges and gauge pod

More to follow as I think of it. Oh and photos will come too as soon as I can get them edited and into my flikr account.

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