Friday, June 3, 2011

Saying "No"

It is amazingly hard to say "No" to people I know who want me to do fun things with them but it must be done.

Last night I needed to edit photos from a wedding and a random photoshoot I did when I got my camera, they needed the usual workup (color correction, crop, sharpen, lens distortion correction) but a friend wanted to play starcraft. I caved in and played. Why? because starcraft is frustratingly fun and addictive.  Now I wish I had worked on the photos because having them online lets me use them as a portfolio to send to potential clients/employers. Although this small cave in wasn't that bad, I did get out of the "obligatory" company-supports-some-random-charity dodgeball event later this month by lying about my weekend plans but sometimes you don't realize when your time is getting sucked away.

The above examples were external, what happens when it is internal? I come home from work around 5:30pm, the first thing I do is go out and work on the van and once I've reached a good point to stop I can go back in the apt. Next is a shower and a quick dinner while at the computer checking email and whatnot. Whatever time is left after dinner is what I use for photoediting. If the order was reversed, the photoediting would take all my time and I wouldn't get anything done on the van. When I work on the computer it is a giant time suck, I've made the mistake of getting online first thing in the morning on my friday days off and suddenly it is 4pm and nothing has been accomplished, I am very tempted to disconnect my internet. If I ever wanted to get work done  I have to say no to myself and reject the temporary distractions of the internet, my dvd and music collection.

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