Monday, June 27, 2011

Progress update: thwarting thieves

This weekend netted some interesting progress and a delicious discovery:
My body seems to think that napping face down on the floor for several hours is a good idea,

I purchased a pint of L90D color code paint to touch up the van's paint chips and hopefully use on the new body panels if they ever arrive. The paint is such a good match that I filled in all the chips from the seat belt latch hitting the door frame and some other scratches on the rear hatch area. I need to clean up the rusty rock chips on the nose panel and fill in.

It took two days to fabricate the secret storage bins that go below the front seats. This is a well known area to for vanagon owners to hide stuff due to it's location. The top bin in the photo goes under the driver seat and can hold my laptop, the bottom one goes under the passenger seat. The passenger side has the main battery and a vent hose which makes it a smaller box but still very useable.  Both are 12 inches wide by approx 15 inches long and 2.5 inches high.

I recently learned that the reflectix needs to have an air space next to it for maximum effectiveness so I need to pull the insulation and install spacers.

My apartment complex sent me a note letting me know that my lease is going to expire in august and that I have a week to decide if I want to renew (at a higher rate). One bloody week to give a 60 day notice when we get rent reminders at 15 days and one week prior to the due date. I wont renew it but it only gives me 7 weekends to get the van ready and sell off my daily driver. Anyone interested in buying my Lexus?

A purging of stuff must happen, I'm sure everything except the bed would fit into the van but it wouldn't be livable. The amazing Bed, frame and headboard are out, Pachinko machines are gone (although I really want to keep them), toaster and bread maker both are useless for me. The pyrex baking dishes can go too. Spice rack is just for show and so is the westclox clock. Iron and board can go, I really dislike wearing clothes that need to be ironed, just one more useless step and a waste of resources. I guess I can let go of my woodworking stuff, it is bulky and I hardly have a need for it. The vacuum (I'd like to keep this as well, such a nice unit). Ill have to let my alarm clock go since it needs AC power, can be replaced by my phone or maybe I will use the european phone I have as just an alarm clock. Ikea chair and end table are out, same with the dining room table that I built.
I feel ill thinking about all this stuff.

There are other items that I will have to take back home and store, like the mini stuff, books, and other keepsakes.

The delicious thing I mentioned: I had my first peanut butter and honey sandwich on saturday, no one told me that they were so awesome. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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  1. I told you that peanut butter and honey was awesome, but you weren't listening...