Wednesday, June 29, 2011

63 days

Only 63 days till my lease on my apartment expires....63 days until I become a van dweller living in a vw westfalia.
I submitted my notice on tuesday, one hand written note, which was surprisingly easy considering the12 page document I had to sign off on to be allowed to move in.

It sounds like a lot of time but it is not. In all reality I have 7 full weekends to get the van done. Not only do I need to get the van done but I also have to purge my stuff. I started the purging process last night by photographing some of the items I posted earlier. Time to sell on craigslist or give away to friends. The fact that I managed to create a small pile of stuff within 15 minutes is eye opening to the fact that I have too many items that are not being used enough to justify having, like the pyrex baking dishes and the printer, so much crap. How did all this stuff creep into my life? Although I did find something amazing among my stuff, a laptop bag. I had no need for this older bag because I had a nicer one for my old laptop but by some amazing feat of coincidence it turns out to be exactly the size I need for my new laptop.  This purging experience will be both terrifying and liberating, I am excited.

Van progress is limited to some touch up painting on the nose panel and water tank thinking. There are lots of rock chips but I will get them all filled in. With the success of the seat storage bins, I have drawn up some plans to add an additional 25 gallons (in small individually built tanks in hidden areas) under the van for a total of 35 gallons and if I use the roof storage bin for water I will pick up another 12. I have plans for a grey water capacity of 22 gallons.  Does this seem out of balance? 17 days of drinking water and the rest for cleaning? but with 2 gal showers that is approx 9 showers so it is probably 11 days of drinking and 11 showers. If I add the roof bin then I get 15 days drinking and 15 showers  but then I run out of grey water storage capacity at shower 11. I really need to become a water ninja because 47 gallons of water weighs approx 376 lbs.


  1. Purge buddy, purge. Simple "luxuries" are relatively useless in fact, we all need to live with a little more sacrifice in our lives.

    So much water... I just bought a 6L dromedary container, was thinking about the 10L but thought that would be way overkill. With my nalgene and camel pack I'll have a good three days of water.

  2. I know it is a lot of water but I want to have the ability to travel into remote areas and really relax/explore till I am ready to leave. Ive been to many places but for such short periods of time that I always regret leaving.