Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soul-crushing the creative

Want to know how to crush the soul of a creative person?
Put them behind a desk from 7-5 for 40hrs developing and working with spreadsheets that lack purpose or meaning other then to increase the workload of others.

I spent some time yesterday calculating that it was less costly for the company for me to ignore the trivial tasks assigned then it was to take an hr of time from each project manager. Ive become a meaningless task filter, maybe I can do this job from home.

This is why I am starting project11k.

Two years of my mid twenties have been spent working at a company I don't care about doing work that is meaningless all because I was lead to believe that this is what everyone does when they graduate. I have had enough.

The Plan:
I am sooo fucking tired of paying rent, especially when the funds come from a source that I hate, I will never ever sign another contract for anything requiring me to be anywhere or doing anything for a length of time longer then a month. "Oh so you hate your job, well too bad because you have 4 months of rent to keep paying." 
I purchased a VW westfalia to live in, yes it has maintenance costs but not as much as my rent is per month. Yes there are logistic issues to deal with and I will bring them up as I run into them on this blog, perhaps I will create a separate section of this site just for the van.

I am withdrawing my stock trading account, my net gains are minimal and it is not worth the stress, I will leave that up to my mutual funds to handle. The stock cash is what I am going to live on for a year, ok so it is not 11k but it should get me a good way through this year. I am setting a spending limit of 11k for living expenses i.e. food, car expenses, health insurance, etc.. The exception will be business expenses, I am getting really into using my new cannon camera and will be trying to use it as an income source during this project and some stuff with my etsy account, both of which have income potential which I will need.

I want to spend time back in Denver to see friends and family during the "nice" part of the year, by "nice" I mean no snow and probably temperatures in the range of 65-80F. Once the weather turns I will be heading south or west or east or wherever I need to go to stay in that range, good thing my house has wheels. Austin, Tx is a cool place to be so maybe I can hang out here in either spring or fall and I am still looking for a winter spot and suggestions are appreciated.

Things I want to do:
  • I want to do yoga again, I am guessing either every day or every other day. I had a very nice regular schedule for about half a year then I met people and lost my routine. 
  • I want to practice my golf skills, putting chipping pitching and maybe driving (costs money do drive on the range). There is something very zen and humbling about this game which I find quite appealing, plus you are outside in a very nice, generally quite, location. 
  • My camera is awesome, Canon T2i with 430 flash and 17-55mm 2.8 lens, Tiffen filter pack. I want to add remote flash and timer functions as well as a fixed f1.8 or f1.4 lens and a really nice rs-7 strap. Ill need a tripod too. I want to use this as much as possible and get comfortable using adobe Light Room. 
  • Reading for fun, hardly get to do any 
  • My cooking skills are terrible so I want to improve these but my focus will be on scalable single serving meals in the van.
  • Outdoor exploration
  • Bike riding - this is kind of a given since I need to keep my fuel costs down
  • Starcraft, but only in the evenings or late at night as this will keep me from being productive during the day.
this list needs more and I will add to it as needed.

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